no where to have her kittens

by mrs evans
(newport news)

my girl cat is pregnent.we recently found out she has worms.i had her box in my room everytime she in there she want to be on my bed im totally grossed out so i took her box for the kittens and put it outside my door upstairs.we also have a boy cat he is not fixed they are bro and sis by the way.he lives downstairs he is constantly peeing everywer by the front door back door kitchen.i kno its cuz hes not fixed.well he peed in her box and now she wont go in there i got 2 new ones he did it again.we have no extra rooms in our house to keep hima away from her so she can have her kitties in peace.i also heard he will try and eat them since they r not his wut can i do so he will stop going into her space im worried about the kittens and about our white carpet all over the house.thank u hope u can help

Answer by kate
Mrs Evans the answer is simple. Have your male cat neutered, this will stop him spraying and will also make him a happier less frustrated cat. There are many charities which help with the cost of neutering.

Your female cat needs to be treated for worms now before she has her kittens as this will affect her health and the health of the kittens.

Your female cat will find a place of her own to have her kittens, she may decide just to have them under the bed or in a cupboard. At the end of the day she will choose.

Until your male cat is neutered there is no way you can stop him scent marking her sleeping box. You will just have to keep washing her blankets and replacing the box, or keep the box in a closed room.

the myth about male cats eating kittens has been going around for years and is totally untrue. yes it is wise to not let him near them for the first few days, but this is just so that the mother cat has time to bond with her kittens.

I wish you every luck with them all, it is vital that the mother cats health is at her best so that she can provide good milk etc for her kittens and take care of them.

If you are considering having her spayed afterwards the vet will usually do it once the kittens are weaned about 8 to 12 weeks.

i have many pages on this site which you may find of further interest regarding looking after kittens and cats etc.

best wishes Kate

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