Normally active cat just laying around, not moving.

by Ashley
(Nova Scotia)

Hi, I have a cat, Muffin, who is fairly old now, probably about 9. She's a very healthy cat, and has never had any significant problems, other than the fact that she was born with a hole in her heart. This hasn't prevented her from doing any activities though. She's normally a very active cat and is always running around with our other cat, Swiper, who is about 5 years old. Muffin is never one to just lay around, unless I'm going to bed, in that case she normally sleeps with me. Up until today, this has been the norm. Today I got home from school, to find out that she had laid on one of the chairs in the living room all day. When I went in to see her, she just continued to lay there, normally she would come right to the door when I got home. She tried to jump down off the chair, but when she did it was almost like her back legs and entire bottom gave out on her. She meowed a little, but it was very faint and nothing different than if she got annoyed with a person who was picking her up too much. She continued to just lay on the floor and not more. I tried to pick her up, something I would normally be able to do very easily, but she wouldn't let me. She meowed a tiny meow again, but nothing out of the normal. I had to go to work, so my mom kept her eye on her. When I got back from work, Muffin was still laying in the same spot. Mom gave her a bowl of water, and she did drink some, but she hasn't eaten or used the litter box all day as far as I can tell. Can somebody tell me if I'll need to take her to the vet or if this is something that will run it's course? Thanks all.

Answer by Kate
yes I would definitely recommend that you take her to the vets. it sounds to me like she may have hurt her back or legs in some way perhaps she fell awkwardly.

her meowing is a indication that she is in some pain so the sooner you can take her the better. Hopefully all she needs is some pain relief and some rest but it is better to me sure and safe.

best wishes Kate

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