Not sure if cat is just getting old, or if there is a problem.

by Shaylene
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi, I have a 18 year old cat, he has been a great, healthy companion all my life, but is obviously starting to slow down and show signs of aging.

He has gone deaf, which I thought was a sign of aging, but now maybe something else? He also has more difficulty getting onto furniture, and meows a lot. Now he has always been an extremely verbal cat, but its in excess, and it sounds almost like a mating call (He is fixed) and people often mistake it for the sound of a baby crying, it started after he would eat and stuff but now he pretty much does it every time hes walking around.

Now my cat also loves having his face rubbed, always has. but its gotten insane now. if I am around him, he wants me rubbing his face for every moment, specifically around his ears and when I do, he gets really wobbly and will fall over.

He sleeps alot, but he is a cat... I don't feel like he does more than he should for an 18 year old cat.

The being deaf, ear rubbing, and the meowing have been going on for a while, but the falling over is concerning me.. although I don't really have funds to be unnecessarily going to the vet.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Ah yes, well he is rather old now and so conditions such as deafness, eye sight issues and arthritis do start to affect them. when his happens they can become more clingy and needy and not surprisingly do start to become more vocal and look for affection more.

At his age if you can i would recommned a visit to the vets just for a check up, he may need some medication if he is getting stiff etc but your vet will be able to determine this. Also he will be able to check his ears to make sure there is nothing irritating him there and could be a reason why he seeking you to rub them more often (mites, canker etc)

I do have a page about senior cats and how there behavior can change here senior-cat.html

I also have a page about cat arthritis which you may find of further interest here cat-arthritis.html

best wishes kate

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