Not sure if my white cat is deaf

by Heather Burton
(Chattanooga, TN 37411)

Lulu or white cat

Lulu or white cat

Hi, I have had cats all my life but have adopted my first white cat. I did research, as I knew the probability of deafness with them, BUT I cannot seem to find anything to fit my direct question. She (Lulu) is all white and has a very pale black /gray spot on her head. Her tail is also barely brushed with an orange color. Her eyes are like a gray/hazel (even green sometimes) color (not blue), and she appears deaf, but she is only 12 wks old. I have done my own little hearing tests and literally just cannot tell if she is deaf or not. Any ideas on these colors and deafness?

Also, her butt is constantly dirty, I bath her and the next time she potties, it's the same, I can't tell if she is sitting on the litter while she is "going", not old enough to groom herself (although I see her grooming her feet), or if there is possibly a bigger problem, it looks like runny really.

Hope you can help and thank you for your time!


Heather Burton

At 12 weeks old she is very young indeed and it is likely that she has a tummy upset due to a change in food. She would only just have been weaned and their tummies can take time to adjust. Make sure she drinks plenty of water and keep her diet fairly plain to help her tummy settle.

As for the deafness, well yes it is more prevalent in all white cats and even though your cat does have some color to her fur she may still have hearing problems. However it may be too early to say for sure and there is not much you can do for her if she is deaf apart from making your presence aware to her before you approach her etc.

I don't know if you have taken her for a check up at the vets yet or not. it may be a good idea as she is very young and it is always a good idea to make sure that their over all levels of health are Ok. Start with a clean slate as it were.

love the picture Lulu is beautiful.

best wished kate

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by: Anonymous

What colour are her eyes? If they are blue or green shade then I would say she is 98% deaf.

Try when she is looking away from you simply clapping your hands either to the side of you or behind your back...if she doesnt automatically turn to look then you have your answer.

If you want to secure check take her to see your vet.

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