not sure what to do about my cat

by Cathy
(Windsor ON Canada)

Our cat Midnight is almost ten years old, he had a problem four years ago with constipation, the vet unplugged him, hydrated him, he has had a couple of bouts but we haven't had to bring him in to the vet. My son called me in a panic because Midnight was vomiting & spots of poop were everywhere. I figured it was the same situation & told him to watch him. Midnight continued to cry & was laying on his side panting so Anthony decided to take him to our vet. He only had a little poop in his track, that was removed, he was hydrated & given some medicine for the diarrhea (some was also sent home to give every 12 hours)

they gave him a bath to clean him up & i picked him up about six hours later. When we go home he walked funny to the litter box, nothing came out then he went in the bottom of his kitty condo. I can't get him out without pulling on him. He went in there around six yesterday & I finally got him to come out this morning around seven. He stretched, had a long drink of water then went back in & hasn't came out again. Midnight would not take his medicine, so hasn't had any at home yet. sorry for the long explanation but I'm not sure if I should force him out & hold him down to put the medicine in his mouth. He is naturally a very shy skid dish cat & I don't want him harmed in any other way, it took a long time for him to trust us & don't want to change that trust.
Your opinion is appreciated.
thank you
Cathy Caradonna

well if the vet is sure that his problem is caused by a digestive issue and has prescribed his medicine for him then it is important that you do give him the full course otherwise the problem will continue and may get worse.

Some cats will want to hide away when they are not feeling well but it is very important that your cat drinks plenty of fresh water and to take his medicine. You will have to be cruel to be kind, get him out of his hidy hole give him his medicine and leave afresh bowl of water just out side where he is sleeping so he has easy access to it.

Hydration is very important an will help to make him feel better quicker too.

best wishes kate

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