Not very affectionate,?

by Maggie

Hi, our six month old kitten Lola is very small and dainty even by kitten standards. I got her at 12 weeks old and she was very timid and hid for most of the first week or so. Thereafter she only slept on my bed in the evenings and in the mornings, would not leave the room until I did. Now she's much more comfortable around the house, having the run of it, and sleeps mostly in my son's room. However, apart from the morning affection where she lets me pet her tummy, chin, etc., we cannot get close to her, she runs away, or wriggles if you try to pick her up to stroke. Forget sitting in your lap, that's a no-no. She will immediately jump off and sit on the carpet looking up at us. Sometimes it seems she's scared (?)She's very happy to be around us on the periphery and always sits/sleeps close by, but I wonder if she is unusual in not liking human contact? Thanks.

Answer by Kate
well my own cat hates to be picked up and we have had her for over 14 years. It all depends on how the cat was socilaised during the first seven weeks of their life. this is the time where they learn what to be comfortable with and if they were not picked up or stroked a lot during this time, it can be very difficult to get them, used to it later. You may have to just accept that this is how she is.

Please see my page about kitten care and this socialisation period for more info.

best wishes Kate

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not very affectionate
by: Anonymous

I have rescued cats all my life, i am 54 . It has been my experience , if a kitten acts that way, it has been abused. You need to work hard to earn back that trust from them. Most of all never show anger towards the kitten. GOOD LUCK !!HAPPY TAILS !!

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