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I recently had my male cat nutured. When I brought him home my other two cats keep going after him. they act like they do not know him. Why would this be?

Answer by Kate
This is known as aggression trauma. I.e. something strange has happened in the home, in this case your cat has gone to the vets and has come beck smelling different. This frightens the other cats and they respond with aggression, which is often a sign of fear. This is quite a common experience of owners of more than one after a vet visit etc.

You will need to reintroduce the cats to each other again and also rub your other cats scent onto the cat that went to the vets, use a clean towel for this. This helps the cats over there fear of him.

Please see my web page about introducing cats to each other here It may seem like a lot of trouble to go to but sometimes it is the only way that the cats ever get back to living harmoniously again together.

best wishes kate

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