obese cat

by kaylyn

I have a 4 year old male cat who is nuetered and 27 pounds. He's been large his whole life and I've had him since he was only a few weeks. I read your article of thyroid problems and I am wondering if maybe he has hypothyroidism. Before I make a deal of it, do you think it's a reasonable question. I mean in the past few months he has become aggresive and sometimes I have to break up fights between him and the other cats. His coat is dull and it gets matted real easy. He sheds like crazy, I mean it's more than the average shedder. I know he is just a big cat I mean his paws are large also, but maybe there is an underlying problem to him being so large and all the other problems he's having. Do you think this is reasonable?

Answer by Kate
You haven't mentioned if he is generally an active cat or not. Does he go out? Does he play? Or would you say he generally sits around a lot.

I ask these questions because obesity in cats can be caused when you have a bored cat that ends up eating more than they should and just stop being active. Then what happens is that even when you restrict his food he doesn't loose weight because his body is so un active. So that is the first thing to consider I/e his food consumption along with his activity levels.

As for whether or not it could be caused by his thyroid. Well there is always a possibility but the only real way to tell is with a blood test done at the vets. I would say that it would be well worth doing this especially if you think he is losing more fur than normal and also if his behaviour has become more aggressive. It is best to rule this out first. Your vet will be able to advise you better once he has examined your cat.

He does look like a rather big cat but yes he does look too heavy and this will prevent him from getting enough exercise.

Best wishes Kate

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Indiana - obese cat
by: Rosie Bingham

Hi Kaylyn

Ask your vet to check for metabolic syndrome in cats. I too had an overweight cat, and by the time anything was done by the vet, despite much determination, on my part, to find the answers, Monty he had many health issues. So you may have to persist with getting acceptable answers from your vet.
Good luck

response to your answer
by: kaylyn

thank you for answering my questions.. he's never been an active cat.. ever since he was a kitten I have tried to stimulate exercise but he just blows it off and goes to lay down.. he's always been like that.. I hate that he's gotten so big because I know that it isn't good for his health but it's something that as far as I know there is nothing i can do about it. He is a very happy cat, constantly purring and lovable.. Owen *my cat* is my baby.. lol.. and boy does he know it..

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