Odd behavior -- is it normal??

Okay, well this is a bit awkward but I do want to know what is going on, so here goes. I have two non-neutered 8-month old kittens. They are brothers. They will be getting neutered in the next few weeks. The only reason I waited is because they were born to a homeless mother, and I personally had the four siblings neutered before adopting them out to very good homes. Anyway, I kept the two boys, because one had a very strong bond toward me, and the other male kitten, was his near look-alike brother, so I didn't have the heart to break up this "pair."

Well, recently, I have noticed very uncomfortable scenes between the two. I guess I should just say it: when they are grooming each other and cuddling, one ofte grooms the other's genital area -- it almost looks like oral sex is being performed! Is this normal? I realize they are mature cats and could copulate. But oral sex-type behavvior between male cats? Has anyone else ever witnessed this? What is up with this!!?? Is it normal? Should I just ignore? Help ... (no joke). Other than this behavior, they seem very healthy. Not that this is unhealthy, per se, but .... it's different.

Answer by Kate
Well I can honestly say I have never seen this but I would say that it probably looks worse than it is. I.e it is probably only grooming and nothing more as I don't think cats do oral sex.

I would say not to worry about this and once they have been neutered I'm sure things will calm down anyway.

Comments for Odd behavior -- is it normal??

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Cat licking puss
by: Koco

My calico cat keeps sucking her sisters piss. Its disgusting my honey slaps the calico color one the other is grey/white. At first the grey/ white one didn't like it but now she Kay's off and allows the calico one to lick. She will lick nonstop.
How to get her to stop??

Two Sisters
by: Emily

I have two cats who are sisters and when one is in heat the other licks her genitals.. it’s awful to watch because you can tell the one who is getting licked is loving it! They both do it whichever one is in heat.. it’s NOT FUN TO WATCH. They actually try to do it secretly because they know we will say something.. that makes it so much weirder.. SISTERS..

by: Crazy Cat Lady

I've got three kittens:Alaska, Midnight and Marble. Marble is the only female. This morning I noticed the boys sniffing and (I think) licking the litter box after Marble had peed. Midnight even tried to get his face in there while she was still doing her business.

So, it is just grooming? I hope so!
by: Anonymous Kitty Mama

I have 2 NEUTERED male cats, 7 and 13 years old. The older one was brought into the house only 8 months ago. They do the same thing... I am not sure what to do here, either...

Female cats
by: Anonymous

I have 2 female cats they r sisters from the same litter one has been in heat 3 times the other hasn't showed any signs of going in heat. The one that hasnt gone in heat acts like a male cat.she will hump the other cat when she goes in heat she will also do the same thing to her mother.I've nvr seen this behavior before im just wondering if its normal.

Group Love
by: Rita

I have a set of siblings (different birth times, same mom, different dads)- one male (oldest) one female. She has had several litters and is now fixed. She and her brother as still "close" When she was little she used to cuddle up to her brother and suck on his paw pad - he let her and then he would lick her all over to keep her clean. To this day they still snuggle and they lick on each other, the ears, the face, everywhere. Then she had a litter of 2 which I kept - a male and female. They too are close and I find them laying on my bed or the couch and they groom each other. The mother doesn't groom them any more (they are now 3 years old), but they still take care of each other. The 'uncle' still takes care of the 2 sibs from his sister by grooming them now and then (when they're all laying on my bed at night) It's a happy family thing!

Adolescent males (brothers) update
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Actually, things have calmed down (as far as I have noticed) since being neutered. whew! It was just a little much to observe, and I'm hoping it was in fact a passing behavioral thing. Cats are animals after all, and don't have the same impulse control mechanisms we have, I guess.

Your not alone
by: Anonymous

I have to male cats, the first one we had a few months then one rainy night heard a knock on my back door I looked out i didn't see a cat. I close the door turn around an this black kittten sitting on my kittchen chair all wet. Fine as months went on I notice the two licking one another in personal places and actually humping each other. At first the older one was on top of the younger cat. I don't know but is there such a thing as cat hormonal sexuals. I believe my 2 cats are gay.

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