Odd cat behaviour

by Kylie

My one year old cat has always been weird but he has some odd behaviour that no one I have talked to seems to have any idea what he is doing.

I have 2 different questions.

First off, whenever my kitty uses his litter box he does his business, covers it up then just stands in the box and paws at the sides of the lid. Just hits the wall over and over. I've tried taking the lid off but no change in behaviour, he continues to paw at the box. It's plenty big, not too big but large enough. Have you seen this before?

Yes I have. One of my boy cats does this sometimes, it’s as if he just isn’t sure whether or not he has managed to cover up his poo properly of not. He looks rather concerned while he is doing it and as you say he is usually pawing in a completely different area of the box or sides.

I don’t think this is anything to worry about just a little quirk and as he gets older I wouldn’t be surprised if this behaviour stops as he becomes surer of himself and his routine etc.

Second. My kitty doesn't meow. Every now and then he will meow when I'm standing by his bowl about to feed him, but other than that he doesn't meow. He does this other "thing" and he will make a nervous "meow" sounding more like a "mereowwww" then grab some part of my clothing and pull on it. Sometimes he grabs my arm or hand, but usually clothing and just pulls. There
is nothing specific that I've noticed that sets this behaviour off. I will be sitting working on homework and he will hop on my back and start making noises, or I will be getting out of bed and he will chase after me and grab my pants and meow. If I try to pick him up or touch him when he is doing this he runs off and has a very concerned look on his face. My initial thought was he wanted food but if I put food in his bowl he just looks at me as if to say "that's not what I wanted mom..." He used to do this in the morning to wake me up but now it just happens randomly.

I rescued him at 4 weeks and have been doing this pretty much ever since he was about 4 months old.

ANY advice or insight would be helpful. Thank you!

Again this is not very unusual and every cat I have ever had have all had these odd little ways, some similar to your others different entirely but still a little odd. Just like us humans we all have our own ways of behaving and communicating. I have a cat that never meows too, he doesn’t purr either. Every now and again he may emit this tiny little half mew, a sort of a grumble when I won’t let him outside at night.

I think you will just have to put your cat’s behaviour down to his own very individual personality. That’s what makes cats such a great animal to have in our lives, their individuality.

Best wishes Kate

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