Odd Grooming Behavior between 2 cats...

by Liz
(Providence, RI)

I have two female spayed cats who are 8 and 9 years old. They get along fairly well - playing together, but also jealous of each other when it comes to sitting with me. One, Emma, is particularly dominant and will take over any spot that the other, Sadie, is lying in. Sadie will fight back briefly, but then give up and run off.

Today, I notice that while Emma was trying to take Sadie's spot, she turned her back on Sadie, who started licking Emma's anus. I've seen this happen before. And whenever Sadie starts grooming Emma in any way, it usually preceeds her biting Emma - not sure whether this is play or defensive aggression. Any ideas? (They've never drawn blood from each other - any scuffles stop when someone "yells.")

My two boy cats do this too. I think it is a precursor to wanting to play a game. It's sort of a appeasement to say hi i am your friend and i am washing you but if i bite you i just want a game. They do it all the time and has never come to any real fights etc. Cats are funny aren't they? :)


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