odd neutering effects on cat.

by misty

my kids b4 kids

my kids b4 kids

Hello. I have a small male dog about a year n a half in age, and a big male cat about a year old, both never go outside. they love each other and play all the time, and i really think they are like brothers to each other. me n my fiance recently moved and my cat started meowing sooo bad we couldnt sleep at night because there were female cats upstairs. we got the cat neutered about a month ago because his meowing. now i thought that usually cats got calmer and fatter and lazier after getting fixed. but our cat has lost weight even though he eats the same and hes gotten more hyper, hes acting like a kitten again. he did stop meowing pretty much though. i find it very odd, im glad hes still playful because him and the dog are playmates, and he did need to lose weight because he was FAT, but this much?? he doesnt have worms or anything, the vet checked him when he got fixed a month ago. does anyone have any comments about this?? the effects seem to be different than what i know neutering effects to be.

Answer by Kate
well it is a bit of a myth about cats getting fatter because of neutering, yes it calms them down and if they don't get the exercise they once did then of course the weight can pile on, but in most cases the cats level of play ext does not change just their aggressive or calling behavior changes.

however losing weight? i have not heard of that. However if he is feeling less frustrated as before and could be feeling a sense of relief and so playing more than usual which would cause the weight loss.

However having said all that if it were me and if the cat continued to loss weight over the next few weeks i would want to have the cat checked again just in case something else is causing it.

Hopefully as his hormone levels settle down he will stabilize and settle down.

best wishes Kate

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