Old cat and new kitten problems/concerns

by Sara K.
(LaVista, Nebraska)

I have had my cat for about two years, for a year of that time we stayed with my parents who had two cats. My cat loved having the other two cats around. Recently we moved and I could tell my cat was lonely. My cat has always been a little crazy. She has this thing where she will only let you pet her when she is in the mood. Even then sometimes she will just be letting you pet her then she will just bite and claw you out of no where. Anyway, once we moved my cat seemed really lonely and was behaving sort of erratically. I thought the best thing to do would be to get a new kitten. We love our new kitten so much, but we try to show each cat attention.

At first my old cat hissed and was super mean around the new kitten. Soon my old cat seemed like she is starting to get more used to the new kitten. The problem is that they keep wrestling...or fighting...I'm not sure. I think the kitten thinks it is just playing but my old cat is actually trying to inflict pain. They do this all the time. They just start rolling around and biting etc. My old cat does this thing where she like bites the kitten really hard around the neck or ear...Besides that the hissing stopped and the cats seem to be getting along a little better. They do chase each other etc. I'm just worried about the fighting and I'm worried my old cat is going to injure the kitten. Please help!!!

Answer by Kate
i had a similar question like this earlier today. My answer was, How do you know the older cat is biting hard? Does the kitten cry out in pain, are there bite or scratch marks? Do they draw blood?

i ask becasue cats playing can look rather vicous to us but in fact is only play and are not actually hurting each other.

Real cats fights are very raely full on grappling matches as it is not in the interests of any cat to risk serious injury, so most real cats fights is more about hissing, growling and swiping.

You don't say how old the kitten is or whether or not they are spayed/neutered etc. It is important that both cats are neutered as this will help to prevent serious conflicts. Please see my pages about neutering for more info on what age to do it etc.


best wishes kate

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