older bengal.

by sandy

I just adopted a 9 year old bengal cat female from the local ASPCA. They said she was healthy, no health problems at all. although she is very thin, I could feel her back and hip bones she had loose stools in the carrier home from the pound .

I have tried all kinds of cat food and raw food but she is not much of an eater. She did not like to be held much and quarreled with my other cats. She only started eating more when I let her outside to spend full 7 days in the garden. When she finally yowled to come in 7 days later she was a little heavier and 1000 times more loving to humans and other cats.

After 3 weeks she has now gained a little weight, she is active and curious, but I can still feel her back bones, her hip bones seem to jut out and are easily felt. I have never had a bengal cat before, but her body shape is naturaly thin and long.
Is this thinness natural in an older bengal female? Could she have been upset/depressed from the pound experience and the new home ? I do not want to take her to the vet unless it is absolutely necessary as she gets very upset about the carrier and the car.
At what point should the vet be necessary

thank you

Answer by Kate
well Bengal cats are rather sleek naturally but you shouldn't see hip bones etc through the fur. However it is a good sign that she has put on some weight she may just need a little more time to get back to her normal weight. As long as she is eating and using the litter and is generally not showing any signs of illness or distress i would not worry too much at this stage.

little mo our cat was a rescue and she was very thin for some time and yes i do think it was due to the stress of the shelter etc. She has been with us now for 15 years.

Give it a while longer say another month or so (as long as no signs of illness occur in that time) and if you still feel that she is rather thin then take her to the vets for a check up. there are some illnesses which can cause thinness (like diabetes and thyroid issues for instance).

best wishes Kate

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