Older cat bites off the whiskers of kitten - WHY?

by Shari
(Vancouver, BC)

I have a four year old male and eight month old female. They quickly became friends, and like most cats, they groom each other. I'm concerned because the older cat is a little aggressive with the grooming. The kitten has little bald spots above her eyes from the constant licking. I have purchased some bitter liquid to deter that... but next, the older cat is biting the kitten's whiskers. They are all broken. Why does he do this? How can I stop it and should I be concerned for the kitten?

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by: Kate

Hi this is an interesting question. Often this kind of behaviour is carried out on themselves rather than another cat. Often over grooming is caused by anxiety and stress. The only thing i can think of is that your male cat is feeling a little anxious about the kitten and is over compensating with his grooming. This could also account for the whisker biting.
I would seek advice from your vet who may recommend some form of calming medication for your male cat. Other wise the only alternative is to either separate the two for a while or supervise the grooming sessions.

Cats can be funny things and can behave in very strange ways to changes to their world. I hope the problem resolves itself soon.

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