Older cat drooling

by Sandy

My thirteen year old neutered cat is drooling and it has a definite smell to it. He is also lethargic. What do you think is going on?

Answer by Kate
well it sounds like he may have something wrong with a tooth or has a mouth abscess. i would guess that it is more likely a tooth problem.

Cats do need to see a vet on a regular basis to have their teeth checked, so if he hasn't been to a vet for a while i would suggest that you go to see them soon.

i hope he is better soon

best wishes kate

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Probably Stomatitis
by: Susan

It is easy to know that there is something wrong with your cat when she is not feeling well. However, it may be hard to know the exact signs or warnings to look for when your cat is ill. Stomatitis, or lymphocytic-plasmacytic gingivitis, is a common chronic disease in cats. It causes the soft tissue in their mouths to become inflamed and ulcerated. There is no cure, but long-term treatments like antibiotics can help. Your cat's veterinarian can diagnose the condition through oral examination or biopsy. Knowing what to look for will help you know when to seek medical attention for your cat.


Look for signs of your cat showing any difficulty eating. Your cat will sniff his food or lick his lips to indicate he wants to eat or he may try to eat, but not be able to chew.
See if she is reluctant to groom herself. Cats, by nature, groom or clean themselves. When they have Stomatitis, they won't.
Notice your cat's breath. A cat with Stomatitis has a very bad, unusual odor to her breath.
Watch for weight loss. Since there are ulcers or sores in his mouth, he will not eat and thus start to lose weight.
Observe any excessive salivation. Cats with Stomatitis will be unable to swallow their saliva. Thus, they will drool.

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