Older cat that can't get along with the kitten

by Clare

I adopted a stray female about 8 months ago, and 2 months ago got a kitten, our house is all open plan, so did not have anywhere to keep the kitten initially. Since then my older cat seems to have "moved out" only coming into feed then going straight out, or if it's raining,she will let you take her upstiars to sleep on the bed. She tries to ignore the kitten when eating but will hiss and strike her. I have tried to interact them, by keeping the kitten occupied, and getting her a harness so that she doesn't jump too much at the cat, and have tried closing the cat flap to keep my older one in, but don't want to make her too stressed.

I can't get her to spend any longer in the house. I have a feliway plug in, and have this is the kitchen where she eats, and comes in and out through the flap.
She was such a lovely lap cat, it's awful to think o her spending all that time outside on her own.

Answer by kate
i'm sorry to hear that, but unfortunately not all cats are happy to get along with other cats. It all depends on their up bringing during the first few weeks of their lives.
I really don't know what to suggest as you can't force cats to get along and if your other cat is finding it easier to be away from the kitten then that obviosly makes them feel happier.
Normally cats will sort their own relationships out and this may involve some cats fights, it may seem nasty to us but sometimes this is the best and quickest way for a dispute to be solved. It may just mean that you will have to let your cats sort out their own problem.

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