one cat attacking the other

by louise

i have two male cats both have been neutered but recently one has been aggressive towards the other.

do u have any ideas that could help me stop this behaviour?

Answer by Kate
The simple answer is no. Cats even neutered cats will still have territory needs and there is also a need for a hierarchy within the group. Cats decide these things with little spats, growling, hissing etc. But generally the fights sound much worse than they really are.

Cats will not risk serious injury unless it is a life or death situation and so in most cases these so called fights are no more than the occasional scratch or bite but in most cases is just a load of noise until one cat backs down.

This is probably what is happening in your family. the two cats are reassessing their position to each other and generally after a time they will settle down into their new roles.

If you feel that they are really not getting along any more than you could try reintroducing them as described on my page here

best wishes Kate

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