one minute cat is loving, then with no warning tries to bite?

by PP McGiver
(Rock Hill , South Carolina)

I was at my girlfriends house and I was quietly playing with my laptop while sitting on the sofa and her cat jumped up and cuddled itself against my arm (as he often does), this time he sniffed my sleeveless forearm and lovingly licked it a few times and I looked down and thought it was a sweet gesture, then suddenly he opened his mouth and tried to bite me, but I beat him to it and pushed him off the sofa. When he went to bite me, he was still sitting on his paws and was very calm and in his usual trusting position (as opposed to wanting to get my attention to play or to warn me that he no longer wanted to be petted). Why did he do this? Especially when I wasn't moving (not even flinching)or doing anything antagonistic. He is generally a good and friendly cat and doesn't normally do freaky things. Any ideas?

Answer by KAte
umm difficult this. Are you absolutely sure he was going to bite you with malice? It doesn't sound like it was as his body posture was all wrong.

Sometimes cats give a sort of love bite, i know my two do sometimes. Its not really a hard bite we call it a little gnaw. usually we just move our arm away and they stop.

The trouble is if you scared him when you threw him off the sofa he may now be a little weary of you and this could make him attack you, especially if you are also nervous around him.

i would suggest trying to make friends with him again with a little bonding. See this page for more on this

best wishes Kate

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