One of my kitties is sick!

by Brian
(Napa ca)

Just one of my two 6 month old kitties was very lethargic and sad this morning. He went outside and went pee ( in the dirt couldn't see the color). His gums are the sane color as his ok brother. After he went pee he just went and sat in a chair curled up like a bunny sitting. His breathing doesn't seen labored. No mucus or discharge coming from mouth or anus. The only thing in their sleeping area that he could of ate besides food and water is their litter box. He has not moved from his spot on the chair for a couple hours. He is responsive to me when I check on him. Please help I truly can't afford another vet bill!!!

I’m afraid being a cat owner can be rather expensive there is no getting away from it. I have owned cats all my life and I know just what costs can be involved to look after them properly. That’s why i think cat insurance is essential, paying out a few pounds a month can save a lot of money later on.

Anyway with your kitten’s condition it may simply be a little virus which all cats pick up from time to time and passes on its own. Alternatively have you made sure your cats are treated for fleas? I say this because fleas can cause severe anemia in cats especially kittens and this could make them lethargic.
See this page for more on this

Apart from that I’m afraid the symptoms are too general to be able to pin point exactly what could be wrong. Just keep an eye on him and hopefully he will pick up in a day or two. If not then i’m afraid then the vets is the only option.

Hope he is better soon

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