One or our cats is pooing al over the apartment


We have two 4 year old Cats. They have been together for their entire lives.

We moved 2 months ago to a new and larger apartment. The cat-girl pee on a the new Futon the first day it arrived. Then we left for traveling for 15 days, but a cat-friendly friend (they didn't know before) stayed for most of the time we were gone. When we arrived all the apartment and mainly the fouton was full of pooing and pee.

For some weeks they just did their things in the littler box but for the past week, the cat-girl again, has been pooing all over the apartment, even when we are present. We Don't know what to do with her. She has been always a little aggressive, so we prefer to cuddle to male-cat.

So, how to know if it's about being territorial, jealous, etc? What can we do?

Thanks a lot

Answer by Kate
yes this is entirely normal behavior for a cat who feels unsure of their surroundings. It is part territorial and part trying to make the home smell more like them so that they feel safe and secure.

When you move home it is advised that you take some time allowing the cats to discover the house a little at a time so that they are not overwhelmed, also that you give them a period of litter training using the confinement method as this too helps build their confidence.

Try this procedure now, yes it is a little time consuming but is beneficial. the process is described here

best wishes Kate

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