One year old cat cries whenever we leave

by Jax
(long beach, ca)

Hi we have a one year old female cat (indoor) that gets very upset ANYTIME we leave the house. You can hear her even as your pulling away.. We also have two dogs part time (they go to my boyfriends ex's every other month) and she does so much better when they are here. My question is should we consider getting another cat? and if so whats the best age range in order to make adjusting easy? Any help you can provide would be great... breaks our hearts to hear her cry.

Answer by Kate
Well it may be that rather being lonely it could be that she is suffering from separation anxiety.

Please see this page for more on this here

getting another cat is not often helpful and they can reject another cat coming into the home. there are no guarantees that they will ever become friends. if you do try and get another cat the general rule is to get a cat of the opposite sex who is used to living with other cats. And to use the introduction method described here

best wishes Kate

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Crying Kitty :(
by: Anonymous

I do believe it's separation anxiety as well. My 3 year old male whines and cries when he wants attention so we try to play with him twice a day.

We recently got another kitten (Female Bengal) and it was first difficult for my male cat to adjust with her since he's never been around other cats. We kept them apart at first and introduced them slowly over time. My female cat has a wonderful cheerful personality which seemed to help his spirits a bit and keep him company when we were out.

Although he doesn't cuddle with us anymore or jump up on our laps, he seems content as she loves to chase him around and play with him.

It might work for your 1 year old as well...getting a male kitten or cat might help but like Kate had mentioned it might also be difficult for your cat to adjust to. I would try it out and see what happens, or just have a friend bring over another kitty to see what she would do, if possible.

I really hope she calms down and that she doesn't cry when you leave, I know how that feels like! Perhaps also leaving on the TV or radio when you are out of the house might be an option for a while (we used to leave on a kitty video for our male cat for 30min-1hour and had it on a timer).

Good luck!

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