Oro The Cat

Oro the cat - My name is Melinda and Oro is my lovely cat.

Oro is a male and is 6 months old. He lives in Oak Park, IL, USA

His favourite food is: Friskies canned cat food and kitten chow.

This is what I like doing the best:
Knocking things over and off the table.

His funny habits are: He slides across the shelf above my radiator on his tummy.

How I found my cat: I bought him for $50 from a woman on the south side of Chicago.

Oro is a 6 month old kitten. I got him after my Beloved Big Foot died in August. He loves to play and knocks things off tables, like pencils, pens and anything that makes a noise. He's very friendly. I named him Oro because he has a gold nose and gold on his toes.

Comment from Kate
My two cats used to love to slide around on their tummies when they were younger. It was so fully to watch. We have wooden floors and so the cats could just pull themselves along on their sides. if they were on a carpet they would pull themselves around in a circle on their sides.

Goodness knows what they were doing but it looked fun so perhaps that’s all it was. As they got older they stopped doing it. Too heavy I guess.

Also have you ever watched your cats face when they knock things over? Its priceless, they stop, look at the item which has fallen over, then look at you and the look on their face says “How did that happen?” It’s as if they are unaware that they did anything at all. You can’t tell them off for something they obviously did not do even though you its saw them do it.

Thank you for adding your cats picture etc, don’t forget you can add more pages about your cat. we would love to see and her more.

Oro Up Close

Oro is now 10 months old. He still likes to knock things off the table and play with small furry mice.

Comment: Beautiful cat, he looks so alert too. You can so tell he is a male cat, something in the confident look i think. :) 

Finn McCool and Oro

Finn and Oro Are Playing

Finn McCool weighs 16 pounds. A friend of a friend was giving him to Anti-Cruelty, but I rescued him and took him home. He and Oro like to wrestle and play.

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