our cat growls at us

by Dan A

We got Callie from a shelter as she was found at 3 weeks old on a street in Massachusetts. She has always been a little skittish but now at 2 and a half years old she hisses and growls at me when I walk by her. We love her dearly and would never abuse her and she has been checked out by her vet and had a physical and is just fine. The problem is she startles so easily at the sound of any noise and will run and hide or hiss at us if we are nearby and walking towards her. After she hisses and yells at us she than rubs up against me looking for affection which I always give her. When she hisses and growls at me I just walk away from her instead of approaching or talking to her as this makes her more angry-almost like a fear aggression thing. Any thoughts on what we can do? She lives with just my wife and I in a very quiet household !!!


Hi Dan
First of all you are doing the right thing in walking away from her when she growls and hisses at you. If you did not this could be seen by her as confrontational.

I am wondering if she may have a slight sight problem or hearing issue. I say this as it seems that to be startled so easily means that things happen unexpectedly and this of course frightens her. growling and hissing as you know is her reaction to fear.

My sister had a stray kitten who was like this too. we had to make sure that we never came at him from behind.

It may also be that due to his hard first few weeks that yes it has made him into a very nervous cat. Some cats are just like that and need extra tlc to make them feel relaxed at home. There are some cat calming medications and sprays available which are designed to help relax a stressed cat. This may be an option for your cat.

I have a web page on my site about nervous cat which you may find of further help here


best wishes kate

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