Our cat has a sensitive stomach?

by Stephen
(Chicago, IL)

Little Jack our cat

Little Jack our cat

For as long as I have had him, my little Jack has exhibited a very sensitive stomach. .perhaps every two weeks (it's not quite clockwork, but fairly regular), he will vomit (sometimes hair is present, sometimes just food, the next 24 hours are awful for him...drooling and crying, which I kmow are signs of nausea.

He's seen two different vets who both determined nothing more than a sensitive stomach. I hate to see him so uncomfortable and be so helpless. He's normally friendly, social and a cuddler...so I know he's feeling pretty awful! There are three other cats in the house that are perfectly fine, so i'm reluctant to assume an environmental cause.

He is 5 years old, orange tabby, 9 or 10 lbs, maintains a good appetite, eats purina Sensitive Systems dry food and one to two organic wet food tins (4 oz each), its cubes of meet and whole veggies in a light gravy...

Funny, and perhaps worth noting, his whiskers are very short and sparse. His one vet even commented "where are your whiskers?" But never said anything more.

Any thoughts?

You have not mentioned if the vet has given you any medication for your cat. the fact that you did not i assume means that they haven't.

I am wondering in your cat is suffering mainly from hairballs which agitate the cats stomach. Some cats are more prone to them, especially if they are feeling anxious and so over groom to compensation. You could try a period of trying to reduce the formation of hairballs, by grooming your cat every day yo remove loose fur and to give your cat some hairball remedy to help get rid of any hair already inside.

Another option would be to mush your cats wet food in the bowl. i do this with my own cats. It slows them down eating so they don't gulp whole pieces of food down which has caused them to vomit in the past. Try this for awhile to see if this helps.

The other option is to try some of the natural cat remedies available to help support delicate gastro systems. This company Only Natural Pet Store has a good range of products.

I do hope you can find a solution for your cat, as I know just how distressing it can be for both of you.

best wishes kate

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