Our cat has started licking our laptop computers

by John

My wife and I have an 8-year-old male cat. Recently, he began licking all over all laptops -- first the keyboard, now the lid of the laptop when it closed. He does this all the time now! It is weird and icky, and I've read this could indicate underlying medical problems?? Help.

Answer by kate
How strange for this to start up suddenly. I would have said that perhaps it was a condition known as pica where cats eat or try to eat non food items. But these cats are normally born with this strange condition.

i will pass this question on to the readers of theses posts to see if anyone else has come across this before. perhaps they will be able to answer your query.

best wishes kate

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by: Giana

So my cat has recently started doing this too and it may be based on the fact that animals love the salt on our skin and you may have touched these things leaving traces of salt that the cat picks up.

by: Jackie

If cats are anything like dogs your cat may be licking the salt left behind from your fingers whenever you touch something but that is just my thought on the subject.

licking our laptop
by: Anonymous

You may have inadvertently touched your keyboard/laptop with fingers/hands that had food traces on them. As a cat's sense of smell is highly sensitive your cat will be able to smell the smallest/faintest traces. Sometimes cats are attracted to other then food scents. Our sweaty smells can be an attraction. I would suggest cleaning down your keyboard/laptop with an effective odour pet eliminator (obviously carefully). You may need to do it a couple of times but you may also need to be mindful to wash your hands prior to using your laptop in future so that if food traces are the cause you will prevent the behaviour.

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