Our Cat Henry's Story

by Josie
(New York, NY, USA)

Rest In Peace Henry We Miss You

Rest In Peace Henry We Miss You

I first moved into my apartment in Woodhaven, Queens in Feb. 1997. One day several months later I was throwing out the garbage in the backyard and there was this woman and a black stray cat who immediately came to me and wanted to sit on my lap even though I was standing.

The cat was so friendly. Each night after work, I would rush home, cook and eat dinner quickly. Then I would go outdoors into the alley and this black cat would always come to me and sit on my lap for an hour or sometimes longer. I would always wait until it left, feeling bad if it was very cold outdoors or raining that it would not be warm and safe.

One day I asked this woman who also lived in the apartment bldg. about the black cat. She told me that she fed the strays in the neighborhood each morning before she left for work and this black cat was a girl. A short time later I told her that I had wanted to take this black cat indoors to live with me but wasn't sure if the cat would come into the bldg. with me. This nice woman told me that she would help me get the cat into my apartment that Friday after she came home from work. I had gone out and bought a litter box and dry food and she gave me a lot of canned cat food. That Friday we were able to get the cat into my apartment yet it was very scared. When I awoke the next morning I couldn't find the cat anywhere in my apartment. I called the woman, Paulette, who helped me get the cat into my apartment the night before and she told me to look everywhere because scared cats like to hide. After looking all around a 2nd time, I found it behind one of my dressers, still and scared. I had asked a vet to come over to check the cat out and make sure it was healthy and give it any shots it may need. The vet told me everything was fine except for some ear mites which would clear up quickly with some ear drop medication he gave me. Then he asked me what the cat's name was. I told him "Lucy". The vet looked at me a little strangely and asked me if I knew the cat was not a girl but a boy! I told him that Paulette told me it was a girl and would let him know the name later. A few minutes later I looked at the cat and immediately named him Henry. I called Paulette and told her that the cat was a boy and I named him Henry and she and her room mate were Henry's Godmothers. She was so happy and they both were glad to be Henry's Godmothers.

Henry was a great cat. He never took out his claws to scratch anyone, never bit anyone and was the sweetest cat. Henry loved affection and loved to give affection.
Henry was the "King" of his castle. He loved to sit on one of many windowsills in my apartment and look out the window for hours or sit on my lap for hours. Every night he laid at the foot of my bed to sleep. When he woke up in the morning he would come to the head of my bed and lay down right next to me just wanted to be close and held. Henry was finicky though about his food. He didn't like the canned cat food that Paulette gave to me for him. After weeks of trying all different brands of cat food, Henry finally ate a can of cat food. Henry would only eat Fancy Feast! He demanded the best and deserved the best.He also would not drink water from his bowl but from a cup.

Years lately I, unfortunately, became very ill and could no longer keep Henry. My good friend, Jean Sutton told me she would take Henry into her home with her husband and two toddler sons. I was so very grateful to her. I always told people that I wouldn't give Henry to anyone even for $1 Million even though I could've used the $. I wouldn't trade him for any amount of $. Henry's Godmothers always gave him lots of toys and gifts every Holiday and on his Birthday. Jean, her husband and her sons all gave Henry a very loving home and lots of love until the day he died in January 2011.

It's almost 1 yr. now since Henry has gone to Heaven and I still miss him everyday as do the Sutton Family & his Godmothers, Paulette & Eileen. We loved him and still love him.

Jan 02, 2012
Our Cat Henry's story
by: Tracy

Thank you for sharing your story about Henry . It is so touching! I also love cats! My husband rescued the 2 cats we have now from outside our apt. building. Bootsie is 5 and Bonnie is 2. Bonnie is a Maine Coon and Bootsie is a tiger tabby.I also feed all the stray and feral cats. I finally found some volunteers who have done, trap, neuter, and return so they have caught 13 out of the 18 cats that are outside and they are fixed, got their shots and anything else that was wrong was fixed. still trying to catch the remaining. Any of the cats that are friendly they are trying to find them homes. If I had my own home I would take them all, but unfortunately I live on the 3rd fl. of a small 1 bedroom apt. so I cannot, but I spend a small fortune feeding them. My neighbor across the street has 2 garages that she lets the cats use for shelter and I put food in there for them over there as well as here at my building.

Thank you again for your story and for blessing henry with a home always until he passed. I know Henry was very special. Each one have their own unique personality. I love them all!

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