Our cat Junior - A Cat Rescue Story

by Zach

My mother went to Long John Silvers in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania to get my family something for lunch. Next thing I know, she comes back with a tiny kitten (along with the food). I asked where she found it. She said the employees were playing with two kittens on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant. One of the female employees went into the restroom first thing before they opened, and heard a noise coming from one of the stalls. She went in to see a paper shopping bag hanging on a hook on the wall of the stall. When she looked inside there were two kittens, covered in their own urine and faeces, with no food. They were abandoned there the night before. My mom decided to bring one home, a little white/tiger kitty who was less than 5 weeks old. From how small and fragile we didn't think he would make it. Amazingly after a week, we noticed a complete turn around in his personality. It's been two years since we brought him in now, and you can tell he appreciates us more and more every day. There isn't a day we don't adore him, unless he knocks over the Christmas tree like he does every year.


What a lovely story, the angels that look after cats were doing their bit that night. It’s amazing they survived the night in that bag. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid or perhaps cruel some people can be.

So your mum came home with something not on the shopping list that day. Sounds to me like it was the best purchase she ever made at the grocery store (cat food i mean I know the kitten was free).

Hopefully his brother or sister found a good home too that day. I’m sure they did, after all a good hearted person will soften at the mere sight of an abandoned kitten. Any way I hope you have many more happy years together. Hooray for cat rescuers.

Amazing story
by: Anonymous

God Bless your Mother. I just can not tolerate people that do this to animals, God will get to them trust me. Your kitty was very lucky to have survived and to be taken home by your mother. I hope you have many, many happy and wonderful years together with your kitty. I really love good endings, and this one is a great ending....

His sibling
by: Zach

Yea his sibling Vern also found a home that day, thanks to one of the employees who works there. Whenever my mom goes shopping she stops and asks how Vern is doing, and vice versa. We kind of keep in touch.

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