Our cat Leo is afraid of everthing

by Brennan & Shelley
(Peterborough Canada)

Last Wednesday June 1st my girlfriend and I went out to get some groceries, leaving our 2 year old very active, happy and chatty cat Leo. When we returned 45 min later it was as if he saw a ghost. He was completely fixated on a small coffee table we have, his eyes as big as saucers. I moved the small table to investigate. My quick movement of the table startled him and he jumped straight up three feet in the air. I couldn't find anything that he would be afraid of.

I slowly showed him around the table again and he seemed to loose interest until he spotted a chair leg and then a design on the couch and soon he was treating ever object in the apartment like they were going to attack him. He has now been hiding up in top shelf of the bedroom closet for 8 days now only coming down to eat and to use his litter box. He always seems to be on guard. We have been now spending slot of time researching illnesses and cat behavior but nothing seems to fit with him. He still wants to play at times as long as he is up in the closet. We been checking him for dehydration and checking the color of his gums. He doesn't seem sick. Also, his attitude seems to worsen the hotter is as it has been quite warm here. We have checked the entire apartment for anything that could harm him
and could find nothing.
Additional info:
We moved in this apt may 1st this year, all brand new carpet and paint.
We changed his food a couple days after this started, we cut all fish out of his diet.
His obvious symptoms:
Fear and apprehension of stuff on the floor.
Eyes wide all the time
He pants a little
His breathing at times seems rapid, although he seems to be constantly sniffing for something .
Seems tired but doesn't sleep as much as he used to.

well the symptoms do not suggest anything immediately.

either something has triggered this reaction in him and he is finding it difficult to regain his confidence. In which case their are medications etc that can be given or spayed in the room to try and help him calm down. see here for more on this


However I am wondering if there is something else going on here physically. A possible illness which is making your cat feel very unusual and this would make him very apprehensive.

the rapid breathing and agitation , staring eyes etc seem excessive and I think if it were me I would want to have him looked at by a vet.

there may be issues with his heart, or even hormone imbalances, but test would have to be done to ascertain this.

i think as this as gone on for 8 days now, I think a trip to your vets is your next option.

Hope he is better soon


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