Our cat Lucy vomits after eating

Lucy is a 13 year old female mixed breed cat we got at the animal shelter when she was 5 months old. She is both an indoor and outdoor cat but now that we are in one of the worst winters in the Northwest in years, I have had to keep her in the house more than usual. During warm weather, we feed her outside because so many times she vomits after she eats. I mean right after she eats. I don't believe she has ever vomited any other time.

I try to feed her only small portions of Science Diet for fur balls food at a time. I've been thinking she eats too much and then it doesn't stay down. This is hard to do since then she is asking for food all the time because she isn't satisfied. With her being in the house and vomiting, our dog finds it and...well I think you can figure out what happens then. The whole thing is bothersome.

I have seen where there are some natural products to feed cats to keep their digestive tract healthy. I am thinking of trying those however they are not cheap so I thought I would ask you this first.

Have you any ideas of what might help my cat. She is thin although the vet has never been alarmed by it. By thin, I mean she has no "tummy" the older cats usually get. On a recent visit the vet noted that she had lost 1/2 a pound. This has been going on
for years and I have tried to make it less bothersome by feeding her outside or putting her out right after she eats. But I am getting concerned that she is not getting the nutrician she needs and as she gets older, this could be of concern.

Thank you in advance for any ideas you have.

Answer by Kate
if you haven't taken her to the vet for some time, can i suggest that you have her looked at again soon. i don't like the sound of her vomiting and getting thinner. there may be some underlining illness that the vet should check out.

May cat used to vomit after eating but in the end we fed her small amounts of wet and dry food about 5 times a day. This stopped her gulping her food too fast and then vomiting it up. when she got used to not gulping we increased her portion time but fed her fewer times.

As for the natural remedies, i would say that as long as the vet gives her a healthy bill of health then you could certainly try them. i have used many remedies over the years for my cat (she is one of those sickly cats since birth and often need extra health) you may notice that i suggestion a company on my natural suppliments page who i have used and feel that are not too expensive)

i do hope your cat is OK and that her problem can be sorted out soon

best wishes and a happy new year

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