Our cat urinates on himself while urinating in the litterbox

by Sherie

Our cat was taken to the vet recently because he had trouble walking from his hind end. The vet took an x-ray. He has arthrits in his joints more by his back legs more on the right side than the left. He is an 11 pound persian and hard to handle. He is on Predisone and two shots per week of Adequan for 5 weeks then he will have to have a shot once a month. He urinated on the way to the vet in his carrier. We used a pet shampoo did not eliminate the smell all together, but helped a lot and we thought after a few days he would take care of himself. Problem: he mostly uses the litter box a might. Since we brought him home on Thursday I have found that after he urinates his leg is a bit wet. This also happened shortly before we went to the vet but to a lesser degree. I don't understand what is going on? He does use his box yet he urinates on himself. Yesterday I washed the bedding, the blanket he lays on, etc. I'm sure the smell has to carry through the house. My nose is not what it use to be. I'm not sure what we can do. We can't have him twisting and turning. We are worried we will harm him. He is a persian with long hair but I'm thinking this would still be a problem if he had short hair. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sherie

Answer from KAte
Umm difficult. It may be that because of his joint problems he can't squat properly so that when he urinates he is completely out of the way. Also cats are very clean animals by nature and so the fact that he is not cleaning himself after suggests that he is finding it difficult to do so.

Sadly I dont think there is much that can be done. yes perhaps temporarily shaving his fur in that area until the meds kick in and perhaps he is more able to do things for himself might be an idea. the only other thing is for you to take on his grooming care and wash his behind every morning for him to help him stay clean.

Sadly as with older people these sorts of care issues do occur and we as cat owners have to decide to accept these duties too.

I'm hoping that in your cats case that when the meds start to work for him that it allows him to look after himself once again. I know that cat arthritis can be rather difficult to handle i have a web page with some more information here.


best wishes Kate

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Reggie's Urine Problem
by: Sherie

Hello Kate,

Thank you for replying so quickly and your advice. I hope once he has taken the joint injections for a few weeks he will be able to clean himself. It is difficult to get rid of the smell on him. Reggie is very strong and my husband has a difficult time keeping him in control. We don't want to hurt him.

Thanks again for your advice.

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