Our cat won't touch the floor!

by Kayla

Recently we returned from a week long vacation, in which we brought our cat to a friends house. The cat was well taken care of during that time, but did have to endure a two and a half hour car ride home. When we got back home, our cat would no longer (and still has yet to) touch the floor! She goes from one piece of furniture to the next and then cries when she gets stuck (i.e. has no where left to jump). She will get on the floor to eat, but her tail is straight up in the air and after eating she immediately goes back up onto a piece of furniture. She's an outdoor cat and won't even get on the floor to go outside (which is terribly strange for her). Her paws are fine, as she runs around outside and maneuvers well on our furniture. The house where she stayed was all hardwood... and ours is carpet and linoleum. Could that be it? Any ideas of how we can fix this strange behavior?

Answer by Kate
Umm this is a little odd but something must have upset her which was on the floor.

it could quite possibly be that for some odd reason she is suspicious of your carpet floor after spending time on a wood floor. why this would be i don't think we will ever know.

All i can say is to give her some time and let her find her confidence again in her own time. Forcing her to do anything may only reinforce this strange fear and behavior.

I'm sure that given a few more days and some distractions (perhaps a new toy) and she will calm down and go back to her old ways.

best wishes Kate

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We just found out...
by: Kayla

Our cat has flees! This is apparently why she was not touching the floor. Little does she know... she's actually the little ticking time bomb that's carrying the bugs. We are fixing the problem today, so if she continues to avoid the floor after the bugs are gone - I will be sure to keep you posted. Thanks Kate!

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