Our Cats Chelsea and Goose.

by Chelsea
(North Royalton, OH, USA)



So my brother moved back into our house this year and brought his cat that he had purchased while living in his apartment a few years before. The cat is now about 3 years old, and is having some problems. My brother left to move back out but left the cat to stay with me, and now i have fallen in love with the cat. Goose, "the problemed cat", is showing signs of kitty gross hematuria. She is ruining my house urinating blood in every corner. My brother alerted me that this wasn't a new problem, that the cat has been doing this for a little over 2 years. He took her to the vet a few times, and each time the vet exclaimed that the cat did not have any disease or any real problem causing the cat to do this. One vet explained that the cat may have a "mental problem" holding it's urinie for a long period of time until she can not hold it any more. Obviously, i am not happy with that answer. I absolutley do not want to have to get rid of the cat, but in my new house i am afraid that i could not afford to keep her around if this occurance continues to happen. I really hope that you could provide me with a different answer or something i could do to elminate the problem without having to get rid of Goose.

Answer from Kate
i have never heard that explanation from vet before. If he believed that then he should have advised you on how to make the cat feel relaxed so that they did not hold it in. Anyway i am like you and don't buy that answer.

i used to have a cat who had blood in her urine and i would find it around the home. It turned out that she simply had a urine infection due to the fact that she was not drinking enough. we changed her diet to dry complete food instead which in turn made her thirsty and she would drink more. The problem completely disappeared this had been going on for some time before we found this solution.

male cats are also more prone to urinary infections and so this is more common.


Also they can suffer from blockages in the urethra too.

If i were you i would take him to your vets for a second opinion and take it from there. The poor cat must be in some discomfort if he is passing blood etc.

I hope you can find a solution for him soon

best wishes Kate

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