Our Kitty Thor

by Kara Cassell
(Johnson City, Tennessee)

My husband and I moved into our apartment a couple of months ago and since we both worked most of the time that always left one of us at home all day alone when the other was at work. It got very depressing for me,Kara. So I brought up the idea of getting a pet. Coty was a bit skeptical at first saying it would be too expensive but eventually he decided to let me adopt one. That one day that we went in I was wanting a dog. I've always had a dog so I was more of a dog person. Coty said it would be way too much trouble since we would be gone 9 hours at work most days no one could be there to walk it. So we went to look at the cats. That day I didn't really see one I made a connection with, of course they were all beautiful and sweet but they just weren't for me. That day we went home empty handed. This was on Tuesday.

We were going to wait until Friday on our off day, but I just couldn't wait I had this feeling that I needed to go Thursday, and so we went before work. As soon as we walked in the room with the cats we saw him looking out through the bars with a sad expression. He was a 7 week old male kitten with long black fur and golden eyes. We both immediately fell in love with him, and he fell in love with us. As soon as I picked him up he perked up and began purring and started playing with my hair. That was a day to remember because we found out you had to be 21 to adopt a pet there and I was only 20 and Coty was only 19. So I had to call my mom to come down and sign for him. What a rough start. People were coming in and
looking at Thor so I held him the whole time so no one else could take him. My mom took about half an hour to get there and it was getting close to time for Coty to go in to work and I had to take him since we only brought one car. When she finally got there Thor had fallen asleep in my arms:) As soon as she signed the paper we had to take him and run. First I had to get Coty to work then I had to run into Wal Mart and buy litter and cat food for Thor, who was waiting in his box in the car. He cried the whole way home and as soon as I got the little boy home I had to quickly get him situated in the bathroom with his litter box, food, and bed. I gave him loving and then I had to go pay pet deposit and hurry to work and was 5 minutes late. I hated leaving him at home by himself for 6 hours and worried about him the whole time. On our lunch we hurried home and found him sleeping on his bed. We played with him for awhile before going back to work. This was a very rough start for us. Now Thor is about 12 weeks old and we love him more than anything. He likes to sleep on a pillow in the floor on my side of the bed. I think he sees me as his mommy and I like that:) This morning he woke me up by biting my nose haha is startled me and I had to laugh. He always comes to the door when he hears us unlocking the door after work. We play with him and its so much fun to watch him bounce and run and then try to sneak up on us he really is an energetic little guy. Our life is so much happier with him in it.

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