Outdoor cat won't come in and meows all the time.

by alissa


One of our female cats (spayed) went outside 3 months ago and decided that she didnt want to come back in. Then she disappeared for 2 months and now she is suddenly back and meows a lot. She wont come in the house but comes up on the deck to eat and drink and follows us around the yard and lets us pet her (even on her belly which she never let us do before). She is very friendly.

She has become very vocal since her return and meows at 5am until I come outside and pet her. We have other pets in the house that she is familiar with but she just seems to not want to come inside.

We made a little kitty enclosure for her on the deck with her food and water and blanket. Any idea why she meows all the time?


Well if she is spayed then her vocalisation has noting to do with being in heat or being pregnant which her behaviour could indicate.

So the only other possibility is that she is simply just happy to be home and found you again. She may have been lost for those two months for some reason and she is happy that she is home. The fact that’s he does not want to come in isn’t really an issue; she is happy living outside and being fed on the deck. Cats are creatures of habit and if this is where she feels safest etc, then that’s up to her.

Cats use their various meows in different ways and so far we probably know only the meaning of a small fraction of them. I have pit together a page with different cat sounds on and their meaning which you may fond of further interest here


Best wishes kate

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I have a cat that doesn't come in.
by: Lynn Roe

I have a cat that doesn't come in,I feed him often in the winter months he needs calories to keep warm. He meows when hungry and when I come out here wants pats. I have a place for him in the closet with blankets. I'll keep working on this.

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