Outside cat ill

by Marnie

My cat has always been very healthy - a very beautiful long haired cat. Lately he is extremely hungry - his coat is scruffy - and his belly is swollen. He was always very interested in "talking" to the neighbor's cat through the fence and always greeted us when we returned home. His only interest now is food. He doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain. This came on suddenly. He was always a large cat but now has lost considerable girth and much lighter in weight. He is approximately 10 years old and was left on a friend's porch when he was a kitten.

Answer by KAte
Hi, I am not a vet and so cannot say for sure what could be wrong but has he been wormed?


If possible I would take this cat to the vets as soon as possible, it does sound like a rather extreme case of worms or of course it may be some other illness which needs investigation.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

Your cat might be ill by eating something rotten whilst outside. My suggestion is to keep he/she inside until better. Maybe you should see a vet. They might be able to help you more. You might see me there!

vet visit results for outside cat
by: Marnie

I took your advice and we visited the Veterinarian. He reminded me that outside cats have a much shorter life span. Also he feels that one of the cats organs is probably not healthy. The medical way of handling the situation would be blood tests, x-ray, etc. The Vet cautioned me to think this through very thoroughly as even with all the tests (which he informed me will be extremly expensive) there would be little guarantee of success. As the cat has no pain and is still enjoying sitting in the sun - he feels that we should let nature take its course - but take care to give extra attention to keep up the cat's spirits.
At his suggestion I changed the Cat's diet. I took him off all prepared foods and cook for him myself. I make chicken soup (no salt) cook the broth waaay down - cool the soup and put it through the blender. Then I add rice and lightly fried eggs.
In the three days he has been on the diet - he is more spirited and seems to extend the feeding times -
I am encouraged.

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