Paribibi The Cat
Her Cat Photos and Story

Paribibi the cat - My name is Alyssa and this is my cat Paribibi and her story.

Sex: Female

Age: 9

Lives in: Reno, United States

Her favourite food is:
Well, this is a story in itself. Pari tends to think she is 'better than' certain foods.

She will eat some food for a while and then decide she is sick of it, and wants something new. So, now she eats fancy food, we'll see how long that lasts.

She also likes her brother, Oreo's, dry food (he's a rat terrier). And he is nice enough to share with her. Pari, certainly has a mind of her own and knows what she likes.

This is what I like doing the best:
There are a couple things. One thing she loves to do is climb trees, and then howl until someone gets a ladder to get her down. But, my favorite thing that she does is steals Oreo's toys.

She will carry a good sized stuffed animal through to rooms into her territory and keep it hidden in a high place where Oreo can't find it :).

Pari, can also play baseball. She will sit high on her condo and if I throw a small cat toy towards her she bats it away. She is an All-Star home run hitter! 

Her funny habits are: Pari, will take showers with me. As a kitten she would jump into the shower and start drinking the water or playing in it. And now, she just loves drinking from the faucet; however, I have caught her drinking from the toilet.

She is her own cat. She also will give Oreo a bath. It is funny because he will come over to her and lay on her, and after she adjusts, she starts cleaning him! :)

How I found paribibi the cat: 
We got Pari in Grass Valley, CA. Along with her was Abby, who was an Abyssinian.We got both together so they would have a play mate.

Pari is a snow bengal, and as soon as we opened up the door she was right there rolling on our feet. I just remember looking down at her and seeing her beautiful blue eyes. When I went to pet her, her fur was extremely soft and I just fell in love. 

Pari is very special to me because she always knows when I am down and will come rub against me and start purring. She is so lovable, she can play baseball...she sits in the top of her cat condo and if I or my Mom toss her a little toy she will bat it and send it flying.

paribibis is my little All-Star! She has a very soft coat which I love to pet, and she will never let me forget her because she will leave her white fur all over my black pants! :) She is very adventurous and loves to be outside and climb trees.

Once she reaches the top she will turn around and start howling until someone gets a ladder to get her down. She is the most loving cat I know, when she sits on my lap/chest she starts to purr and need which hurts sometimes but I know it is her saying that she loves me. She is not only my cat, but my friend. I love her with all my heart.

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