Pee problems

by Heather
(Wyoming, MI)

I noticed when my cat goes pee, he starts off squating like normal cats and as he starts, his butt lifts up til he's not squating and his tail shakes and he ends up peeing all over the wall or the back of the box if it has a lid. Any ideas as to what it might be?

Answer by Kate
This is normally the action of a cat marking his territory ie spraying his urine around.

The other possible cause is that he may have some discomfort caused by a urinary infection.

Is your cat neutered I wonder? If not then it does sound more like he is trying to make his litter area smell more like him. this could be caused by so many things, have you read my pages about cat urine problems? It has some possible reasons why a cat may feel stressed and feel the need to mark there territory.
If you cannot think of any possible causes of why your cat may feel the need to mark then perhaps it may be worth getting him checked by the vet just in case he does have a urinary problem.

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My cat is the same
by: Anonymous

My cat does the same thing, hes a little over a year old and we have had him since christmas. Him and the other male cat did do a lot of hissing at first but now they just play together. So I don't think it is marking territory. He uses the litter box, but he stands at the back and ends up peeing on the wall. Easily fixed by putting a piece of cardboard between the wall and the litter box and then pressing the litter box up against it. Then you just have to trade out the cardboard every few days if you see it has been sprayed. But I am concerned if this is some type of problem. I'm not extremely concerned but when he has his checkup in a couple months I'll mention it. Until then I'll bookmark this page and comment back and let you know.

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