Peppy (The Dumpster Kitten)

by Mary
(High Point , NC)



It was a hot August day in 2005 and I was looking out my kitchen window at some children across the way who was playing near a rusty old dumpster. They was giggling and laughing and as I focused alittle closer, I noticed one of them was holding something that was dangling like a rag doll.

All of a sudden I seen them fling this little furry thing over the top of the dumpster and then they ran away laughing.

I thought to myself, it was probably an old stuffed animal toy they wanted to disguard but as I walked away from my window, I had a feeling that something was not right and my inner self kept saying "just go take a look".

I ventured over to the dumpster and climbed up on some barrels to look over inside. This dumpster was owned by a carpet company so it was filled with carpet pieces and lumber and trash. I scanned the trash inside and didn't see anything that resembled the furry object I seen them fling over the top.

Just as I was climbing down to go home I heard a very weak "meow"
coming from somewhere inside the dumpster.

My heart sunk as I suddenly knew what they had thrown over into that horrible dumpster. I was determined to find that kitten no matter what I had to do or how long it took me to dig through the trash.

After about 10 minutes of rummaging through the nasty mess inside I saw a tiny little black and white kitten huddled in a corner under a piece of cardboard.

The kitten looked terrible.
It was about 6 weeks old and eyes was crusted almost closed and it had a very bad conjestive sound when it took a breath.
It was very weak and crying faintly.

I took the kitten and climbed out of the dumpster and hurried to my house to look this little guy over more closely.
What a mess he was.
Not only was he very sickly and thin but he stunk horribly.
It was obvious he had been seperated from his mother way too soon and maybe had been mistreated by the kids who tossed him with no concern for him.

I remember looking at him on my bathroom counter and thinking "wow, you look and smell like a skunk".
He was crying out at this point and obviously in pain of some kind. Off to the vet we went as I had to do all I could to save this little stinky guy.

At the vet I was told he was indeed about 7 weeks old and had a upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. (Kitty pink eye)
The vet said he was probably the runt of the litter and not in good health and disguarded by the mother cat by choice and found by the kids and disguarded to the dumpster once they realized it wasnt playful enough for them.

I was also told that this little guy had one of the worst cases of ear mites and ear infection that the vet had ever seen in a kitten so young. (thus the foul smell)

The vet told me that IF this little guy survived the URI that he would always be a smaller cat and a "runt" due to his
early lack of care by the natrual mother cat.

I already had 2 cats (Smokey & Baby) and the last thing I needed was another cat and a sick one at that. But I knew what would happen if he was taken to the pound and I could not allow him to be "tossed aside again" so I took him home and decided that Smokey and Baby would have to help me raise this little stinky guy.

Once we got home and got him medicated I realized I had to name this little guy. Since he was black and white and stunk to high heaven I decided to call him "Peppy" after the handsome cartoon character "Peppy Lapew".

In the days and weeks that followed, little Peppy got over his medical issues and became a well accepted playmate to his new brothers "Smokey & Baby".
He wasnt a hearty eater so I accepted the fact that he would never outgrow his look of being a RUNT.
But to my surprise, as the months passed he grew and grew into a beautiful LARGE cat.

Smokey and Baby did a wonderful job helping me raise this little pityful fella and by the time Peppy was 1 year old he had outgrown his 2 adopted brothers in size.

The little stinky dumpster kitten who came into our life weighing only a few ounces weighed in at a heafty 23 pounds at age 1.
By age 2 he weighed almost 25.
He was Big, Lovable, and healthy and a stinker but not smell wise.

Peppy is still with me today and will be 4 years old this year in August (2009). He survived Baby who sadly died after swallowing a penny in 2007.
Peppy and Smokey are still brothers and stick close to one another. (Smokey is now 9 years old).
Since my rescue of Peppy, I have found that cat rescue is in my blood and I have been active in all forms of Cat Rescue ever since.

Peppy and Smokey now have a house full of adopted brothers and sisters that I rescued along the way and took in to give them a better life.
(One being Lil Miss Luckyduck) who's story is listed here on this site.

Everyday I look at Peppy and remember that hot day in the dumpster and thank a higher power for allowing me to see that furry little thing being flung over the top of that dumpster.

He continues to bring joy into my life and I will continue to dedicate my life to animal rescue and human education of animals in need.

If you ever feel your missing something in your life to give it more meaning then go out and volunteer for a rescue and your heart will soon be filled with more contentment than it can contain and the memories will last you a lifetime and beyond.

Comment by Kate
What a wonderful story. peppy looks like a very handsome guy and what a lucky one too.

Well done to you and it's great to hear that you are continuing with your cat rescue. there are so many cats in need.

What I just can't understand is why those children acted so callously. I wonder if there should be some form of education the schools regarding animal care and animal cruelty.

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