Pet Ramps and Steps
For Your Disabled Cat Care Needs 

Pet ramps and pet steps can help to maintain your elderly cat or handicapped pets quality of life.

If disability or old age is preventing your cat from reaching their favourite sleeping place then a helping hand may be required.

Imagine how sad they would be if they could no longer do the things they love best, like climbing up onto your sofa, or onto the window ledge to see what is going on outside.

Luckily good quality ramps and pet stairs are now available to help cats with disabilities to get around and still lead a happy life.

On this page I will show you examples of some of the best pet steps and other cat furniture products you can buy to help maintain your beloved cats independence.

Pet Steps with Optional Drawer

Pet stairs like these are strong and sturdy and can be left in the places that your cat uses most regularly.

They are covered in a warm, soft, carpet material that will be gentle on your cat's paws and give them something to grip onto.

Designed to provide shallow steps for easy climbing, you can choose either the two or three step options depending on the height you require (for instance, to help your disabled or elderly cat to climb up onto your sofa, onto your bed, or to peep out of the window).

You can also match them to your home decor as these pet stairs come in a choice of four colours.

They also include a handy optional drawer which I think would be perfect for storing all your kitties favourite toys!

Pet Ramps with Scratching Post

Your kitty might really enjoy a multi-purpose piece of cat furniture like this one!

It provides a lovely combination of a gently sloping ramp with a built-in scratching post and a perching platform to sit on at the top!

Made from sturdy plywood, the ramp is 15 inches (37cm) wide including the side rails and rises to a generous 27 inches (67cm) high. It is covered with comfy plush carpet that also comes in a choice of four colours.

Being able to climb, scratch and sit up somewhere high, means your cat will be able to express many of their kitty instincts all at once and will really make this pet ramp with scratching post their own.

Bi-Fold Pet Ramps

If you do not want to have a permanent ramp set up all the time, a folding ramp like this one might be ideal as it will be easy to store away as well.

It is sturdy yet lightweight and compact and can be pulled out quickly and placed in various areas around the house, say against a chair or sofa.

This example also comes with a handle for easy carrying and is carpeted to provide grip and comfort for your handicapped pets. The carpet covering can also be removed for easy cleaning.

I think this is a really practical and portable solution!

Some cats with disabilities are born with them while others may become disabled via an accident, old age or illness.

Indeed as our pets now live longer due to advances in veterinary care and medications, it is becoming more and more common for an elderly cat to require additional help from special equipment and cat furniture such as pet stairs.

So I hope that I have helped you to find the right pet ramps or set of pet steps for your own frail feline friend, so that they may continue to live a long and happy life.

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