Pickles The Cat

by Jamie Parker
(Conroe, Texas)

I found a little kitten about 6 months ago out in the woods behind my house. At first, he was scared to death, but he eventually warmed up to me. But, you can tell he has a little "wild" in him. Loves to play with my puppy, Kash. One night, he went outside to play and two wild cats attacked him. He came running in the house, and doesn't want to go outside anymore! He also just wants to sleep. He has lost all of his playfulness. There were no cut marks on him at all. I cooked him a pork chop and broke it into little pieces and he ate some of it, but not a lot. He is drinking water, but doesn't want milk anymore. He seems so very sad! Every night he sleeps with me on my housecoat in my bed. He loves my housecoat. He used to get up with me in the morning and rub on my legs waiting on his food. He did that this morning and I gave him his food (Fancy Feast gravy mix); he ate a little and then snubbed it. Should I be worried about this sudden change in behavior? Will he get playful again? Thanks! Also, he continues to use his litter box. He's a good boy.

Answer from KAte
i have seen this before, infact my own cats will become a little subdued and less likly to go out if they have a run in with another cat outside.

usually what happens is that they get over it in a few weeks and start to go out again and be their normal selves again.

As long as you are sure that he was not injured in the attack, all you can do is to give some time, play with him more and give him some new toys to distract him from his worries


and also keep tempting him was fresh smelly food to try and get his appetite going again.

if his behavior does not change and if his appetite doesn't come back, it may then be an idea to take him to the vets to make sure that their are no other possible causes for his behavior.

Hope he is back to his old self soon

best wishes Kate

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