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(Ontario, Canada)

Being a cat fanatic, I've researched the web and gotten advice from other cat owners of what to buy my cat for playtime. However, I'm disappointed in the reaction of my picky cat.

I've bought him ping pong balls and also a soft toy stuffed with catnip shaped like a chicken leg. He has sniffed it, batted it a bit and walked away. Like come on....doesn't like catnip??

Beforehand I bought him a trio of Hartz Mice and he seems to love them. Since he played with them so much, he has destroyed two of them already and I never leave him home alone with them since they have attachements (bell, felt ears, tail and small string whiskers).

According to my last question, I want to buy him toys in which I can leave with him at home alone and are not hazardous. But it seems like he doesn't enjoy the balls and/or the chicken leg!! I'm running out of ideas and wasting money in the long run. I don't mind spoiling my cat but I never know what he likes (except for the mice).

What else can I do to keep my cat happy with safe toys while he's home alone?

By the way....we can't get another cat because my hubby wants a dog when we buy our own house. A cat tree seems like a good idea but I thought of getting it for him for Christmas.

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paper toys
by: Anonymous

I just ball up a piece of plain white paper and throw it around for my cat, he loves it, he'll even fetch it and bring it back to me sometimes,

Toy Mice
by: Jami

My 2 cats don't care for catnip either, where as my dads cat goes crazy over catnip. My dad brought over a catnip toy that has always been successful with his cat, and my cats could care less about it. My cat, Peanutty, is absolutely in LOVE with the toy mice and I find this to be the most popular toy that cats love as it looks like something they would prey on. I've bought Peanutty a ton of these mice (she keeps losing them under the stove and I'm constantly fishing them out from under the couch). When I gather them all up and throw them in the center of the living room she makes all of these goofy noises. She will sniff out each of them and find one she likes, then she will pick that one up in her mouth and take it to the kitchen where there is hardwood floors and bats it around a little, then picks it up and carries it back to the living room only to turn around and take the same one back to the kitchen.

Both of my cats also like the long feather toys on the stick, they do flips and jump up high to try and catch it when I am playing with them. And my other cat, Little Kitty, has an obsession with the think rubberbands I use for my hair.

As far as the mice being hazardous, you should be fine leaving your cat with them during the day, my dad nor I have ever had issues with our cats and leaving the mice with them when we aren't home. My dads cat used to eat the small tails off the mice but it never caused any problems.

Furry Mice
by: Jan

My cat likes the same mice and they have to be the real fur mice by hartz no other will do. She only likes that and a bell toy that looks like little flowers and those come in a value pack with other toys that I give away to others with non picky Cats! I wish I could buy the mice in bulk! They don't last long and I find them all over the house. Must have bought at least 50 of them in a year!

by: Kate

Unfortunately every cat is different. Where one loves to play ball another will never go near on. So the only way to find out what makes a cat happy is to try them with lots of different things. However i love cat trees because they can be used in various ways, ie sit on, scratch, play with dangly toys attached etc. So i always think they are good value.

I have tried to put lots of different types of toys on my cat toy pages to give everyone lots of ideas.

Hope you find the ideal cat toy for your kitty.

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