Pictures of mating cats

by Cathy
(Redford, MI )

What is the behavior of a cat that wishes to mate. And how do they mate? I want to see that. It has been said that they are very violent. Is this true? So would this be the reason for our feline fallling out on the floor in front of us as we walk.

Answer by kate
Hi, when my was in heat she would drag her bottom around the floor, i assume this was to spread her scent. Dropping to the floor might be the same, but she might also have some painful anal glands which might need attention. Does she look sore or swollen around that area? if so i'm afraid the vets is the only answer.
regarding the mating behavior, it can look quite aggressive as the male cat will grab the female from behind the neck and the mating process can be quite painful for the female. Unfortunately i do not have any pictures of mating cats, try you tube sometimes you can find videos from cat breeders that show the process.
I understand that you have tried to get her spayed but cannot afford it at the moment and that you do not have a chasrity nearby that will help, have you seen this website they may be able to help.

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by: Ashley

i love cats im a cat breeder and i might have photos

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