playful cat

my 1 year old cat is still playful evry nite and i woundered if it means she always will be she does get more tired than she used to but how do i stop her going places she shouldnt/ ruining curtains/ messing with wires and small things? also how do i get her used to bein stroked and handled more without her biting/ straching me/ riggling about/ squeling at me?

Answer by KAte
cats are always more playful when they are younger, as they get older they do slow down.

It sounds to me like your cat needs some training as regards to whats is play time and what can be played with. this requires some discipline training. this will also help her not to bite and attack you every time thinking it is a game. You will have to be persistent with this training for it to sink in. The instruction on how to do this is on this page

cat discipline

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playful cat
by: Anonymous


Your cat will calm down. My bonnie is a little over 1 year old and she was the same way. She is calming down now, She even chewed through the wires on my computer and one for my phone wire. I was not happy. Anyway, They are very playful when they are kittens, but don't worry kitty will calm down as she gets older. I have 2 cats. Bootsie is 3 and Boniie is 1. Bootsie was the same way, but he is very calm now. He plays with Bonnie, they chase each other and play, but he is certainly not as playful as her used to be. I think Bonnie has adapted to our schedule pretty much, but it is tough when they want to play and you are trying to sleep. I know all about that. Bonnie is funny she loves to bring us a toy mouse on the bed and she wants one of us to throw it. If we are sleeping she will play with it and try to get our attention. I pretended I was sleeping to see what she would do.

Good luck with your kitty...she will calm down..don't worry!!!

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