please help Cat problems

by samantha
(sturgeon falls ontario)

hi my cat is 17 years ol and i love her lots but she is crying alot and driving me nuts and her nails have something growing under neath them is that normal?i cant afford a a vet right now so could you give me some addvise cause my cat is acting really weird plus she has dandruff and loosing lots of hair


Answer by Kate
Hi sounds to me like there could be several issues here and all very difficult for me to say accurately what the causes are.

All I can recommend is that you need to provide for your cat all the basic needs i.e good nutritional food to keep her nails and fur in good condition see my page here

Cats need to be able to scratch to keep their claws in good condition, make sure that she has plenty of places she can use for scratching see my page here

As for the meowing well there can be lots of reasons for this but one of them could be boredom so make sure that her environment is stimulating enough to keep her entertained.

Please see these two pages one about cat meowing the other about hoe to keep a cat happy indoors.

As soon as you can afford to visit a vet I would take them along as its always a good idea to make sure that there are no underlying illnesses which could be causing the cat some distress.

best wishes Kate

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