please help is my cat sick

by Morgan

Whats wrong with my cat? she keeps sticking her but up in the air and rolling around and meowing awhole lot!! and is now egar for attention and very loveable but is acting sick please help im scared she is only 5-7months old please

Answer by Kate
If you suspect that your cat is sick then you should really take them to a vet as soon as possible. That is the only sure way of knowing if and what is wrong.

It is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Is your cat spayed? If not her behavior may be because she is becoming a adult cat and becoming sexually aware.

but if you do think that she is ill then please take her to the vet.

best wishes Kate

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Strange behavior!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, sounds to me like your cat is on heat for the first time!-the symptoms you described are that of a female on heat for the first time. It can be quite alarming if you are unaware of this and have never seen/heard a female cat on heat before! This will last 10-14days and be ongoing every5-6wks for 3ish months or until she is mated or desexed! Good luck!!

Its perfectly normal
by: Anonymous

my cat does it too but its when they go in heat they do that it scared me the first time bc iv never had a girl shes my first girl

same thing
by: Anonymous

my wee kitten is bout 7monthz old aswel, and she been doing the EXACT same thing, she only started last night so we took her to the vet today and he told us all it is, is that she needs spayed!! so dont panic, coz i was worried she was paralysed but thats all it is, so shes booked in 2 be spayed nxt tues, i suggest you do the same thing to geta decent nights sleep lol.

by: Anonymous

My cat is doing the very same thing!! I am scared to death! When you touch her hip area, she cries. She rolls around on the floor..... crying the whole time. I looked at her vagina are & there's a clear substance coming from it. I am very scared she's sick!

Your cat is in heat!
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your cat is in heat!

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