Please help me make an imporant decision

Our family just lost our beautiful 7yr old silver egyption mau suddenly to a glioma brain tumor. Absolutley no signs of sickness, he woke up, ate, went to the bathroom,then had a siezure and died that night. Needless to say, we are all devistated.It has been a week and my 3 kids, along with my husband and I,are having a very difficult time coping with our sudden lost. He had an amazing personality,sweet, and perfect in every way, human like. I also have a 12yr old bronze mau that is also sweet, but shy,& frigid, he likes to be alone most of the time,not like our other cat. Although he got along very well with the other cat, he would basically only come to me. I know he is missing his brother, and we are all trying our best to show him more attention(as much as he will let us). We decided to contact the breeder of our silver mau, and by chance, she had a litter of only 2 silvers that will be ready to adopt by the end of Oct. I feel we should only adopt 1, my husband feels we should adopt both, because our remaining cat is 12. I do not know if it is the right decision to adopt both. My question to you is, is the addition of 2 new kittens a good idea or a bad idea.Will he become more of a loner, or will he put up with the 2 new additions, or is it best just to adopt 1. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Denise

Answer by Kate
In my opinion I would say that to adopt two would be unkind to your existing cat. I say this because 12 is not that old for a cat, they can live to 15, 18 even 20 and that would mean many years of your older cat having to share and possible feel uncomfortable in his home with two younger stronger more lively cats around especially if your cat is quiet anyway.

It is often a common mistake to think that cats need the companionship of another cat. This is not true and can cause many problems. Cats are not pack animals like dogs and are happier within their own territory.

I would say that a decent break of at least two months should be left before you adopt another cat. This will give your old cat time to come to terms with the loss of the other cat. Then when you adopt another cat that you follow the introduction process of the two cats see this page

I am sorry to hear of your sudden loss, it is always hard to get over an unexpected death. Best wishes to all your family

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