PLEASE HELP my cat is sick

by jen

Hi there! We are desperate for advice We have spent over 1300 past 5 days and can't afford MRI they want to charge $2021.00 for one so I hope you can help! My cat is about 17, she has hyperthyroid which has been monitored with meds for couple yrs now so vets don't think its related but on Saturday I found Pearl on my closet and she couldn't stand up o r walk. We took her to er our regular vet and nuerologist for cats. They think its a tumor or stroke but now she is able to stand and walk a few steps very unsteady. She twitches in her sleep almost seizure like but doesn't seem in any pain at all and mentally she is still Pearl just a little annoyed at times)usually when I'm holding her up to go to bathroom so I don't blame her ! My fiance and I are having such a hard time cuz mentally she's with it and not in pain. Vets did blood tests and everything but MRI saying her organs are all fine heart strong and levels normal. Any ideas?

Answer from Kate
Sounds to me like you have a very expensive vet there. I know from experience that if my 17 year old cat was suffering with similar symptoms by vet would give me all the possible options but would advise me that her age that the expensive tests were not in her best interests. After all the tests won't make her better.

What can I say, yes she may have suffered a stroke and her age it would not be unusual.

All I can say is that in my experience as long as the cat is not distressed or in pain and is able to still east and drink and get around as normal then there is not much you can do but to just be there for her and perhaps prepare yourself. If however she is not happy then you have some difficult decisions to make. will putting her through treatment which may or may not work be worth it or would letting her go peacefully now be the best option.

I am so sorry but as cat owners we all have these things to deal with at some time in our cats lives.

My thoughts are with you

best wishes Kate

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