Please, help! My cat isn't feeling well and is losing weight.

by Michele

My one year old male cat has been laying around for the past 4 days. He has lost weight and isn't acting like his usual self. He will eat and drink a little, but doesn't seem to be using the bathroom very much. I think he has run a fever off and on. I can't afford a vet. Please help! I just lost a treasured family pet cat a year ago, and 2 days ago I had two baby kittens die. The kittens died because they had been abandoned by their mother so I know it's nothing contagious, but I can't stand to lose my Jasper now too.

Answer from KAte
Hi Michelle.

what can I say, you are looking for something which just does not exist i.e a diagnosis of a illness which can not possible be done over the internet. Your cat needs to see a vet and be treated with proper medication if necessary. there simply is no other option.

The symptoms yous describe could cover many different things and only an examination of the cat can give you the correct diagnosis.

i know it is not cheap to go to the vets but it is one of the things you agree to doing when you take care of a cat. Its part of being a good cat owner and if money is a problem then you will have to find it somewhere or find a animal charity that can help or in the worse case scenario surrender the cat to a animal shelter so that he can be treated there and then rehomed. harsh i know but unfortunately life is like that.

Ring your vets and ask them if they know of any financial help available. Perhaps they can spread the payments etc. I don't know.

I am so sorry that it is not possible to give you any further help with regard to what is wrong with your cat. Lets hope it is something which can be easily treated.

best wishes and i hope your cat is better soon


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