Please help my cat

by Trisha Jennings

I really dont know where else to turn my mom wont take our cat into the vet and he has a giant cyst its really making me upset im only 14 so i cant take him in and im scared it might be cancer because hes 10. is there any way to drain a cats cyst at home safetly?

hes in so much pain.
he crawls up to me at night and its right above his leg and everytime i pet it he meows and shudders i just feel so bad that i cant do anything

Answer by Kate
Oh my goodness how awful for you. Firstly no there is nothing you cn do at home, it would be too painful for the cat and could cause an infection.

I can't understand why your mother is refusing to help this poor cat. he must be in pain and being a cat owner means that you have the responsibility of taking care the cat just like you would another member of the family.

My advice is to speak to your mum again in a calm manner and explain how upset you are and that the cat is in pain and needs treatment. if she is worried about money there may be help available in your area from an animal charity. These charities are designed to prevent animals being in distress.

Check out this page there are some animal charities in Arizona which may be able to help

best wishes Kate

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Same problem...
by: Anonymous

My brother has a cat who has a cyst by his eye; looks terrible. Of course, who is going to put up $1500 in costs when my brother cannot afford if? He says he was assured that it is not hurting the cat but I think the cat has trouble seeing with it drawing his eye down. I wish I could fine at least a vet who would charge maybe $500?

Contact a local animal or cat charity and ask them if they know of anyway the cat can get treatment for less. You never know what may be available if you don't ask.

best wishes kate

Another suggestion
by: Rita

Hello, bless your heart for being concerned when your mother is not. I agree on researching places as posted on the other reply. There are organizations that help animals with low-income owners.

Another suggestion I have: Are you close to any other adults in your family? An aunt, uncle, grand parents etc that would take the cat to the vet? I would talk to them.

good luck

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